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Regrettably at this time we are closed for Private Parties and Fundraisers.

The cost of supplies is very high and inventory is unpredictable.  We would have to charge our crafters prices we don't feel comfortable with so we are not hosting private crafting parties or fundraisers until future notice. 


We are hosting limited public events.  Join our email list from our Home page to be notified.


Check out our appearance on Studio 814 with Rebecca Petner 10/18/21


Free Project

Rainy Day Ring Dishes

Click here for the video link.  This is the full tutorial as seen on WATJ TV's Studio 814 (May 2020)

Supplies needed to make a ring dish at home:

  • Oven bake clay (we use Sculpey which can be found here on Amazon, Michaels, and other retailers).

  • Wax paper.

  • Round cookie cutter or a glass with a plastic knife.

  • Rolling pin or you can use a glass.

  • A muffin tin.

  • Your home oven preheated to 275 or as directed on your clay.

  • Mod Podge if you have it or clear nail polish.

  • Optional - liquid silver or gold, or latex paint. 

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