FUNDRAISER Mason Jar Box ($40+)
  • FUNDRAISER Mason Jar Box ($40+)


    Box Only $40

    Box with Jars Only $46

    Box with Lights Only $43

    Box with Jars and Lights $49


    Here are links to photos for inspiration when ordering your mason jar box:


    About the Box:

    Unlimited color combinations to paint or stain the box at the party!  Text is for one side of the box and is included in the price.  We have 8 font choices (see the photos for examples) so we ask that you please choose from those 8 -thank you!   Other items are shown to give you some ideas for your personal mason jar box and we cannot always recreate them exactly.  Keep the wording short so it looks best!  We will also have little extras (hearts, stars, shells, swirls, etc.) available at the event for no extra charge.


    About the Jars:

    Quart size jars are optional (3 for $6).  We offer three styles (Widemouth Ball, "Ball", or smooth) Lids are included. Widemouth is best if your plan is to use them for storage.  We offer chalk paint if you would like to paint the jars.  We also have some brown jute twine to wrap around the top of the jar.  If you'd like any other touches, that is up to you to provide. 

    "Can I bring my own mason jars and use your paint to paint them at the party?" - no. 

    "Can I bring my own mason jars that I am going to use as they are without using your supplies? I would like to put it all together before bringing home and I already have enough jars" - sure!  


    About the jar contents you see in photos:

    We do offer lights (optional $3) and brown jute twine. Other items are shown to give you some ideas.  These other supplies are not included or offered.  You are absolutely welcome to bring your supplies with you or finish your project at home.  If you do finish at home, please send us a photo! 




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