Beach Glass Shrinkflation

Cargo Shipping Containers

November 11, 2021

  • As you are well aware, prices of everything has gone up.  Some of our supply prices have gone up 650%!  For us it has been a combination of things.  Right before Covid, our best wholesaler based out of OH was purchased by Michaels and closed.  Ouch.  Then hello Covid and prices went up more.  Yikes.  Now today bring on the global supply crisis. UGH!

  • In an effort to not raise prices we have chosen to use "shrinkflation".  We will be offering smaller frames with less design space at a slightly lower price.  

  • New frames are still a generous size of 12" x 9.5"  with a design area of 10.5" x 8".  (Our original standard is now considered our large at 13" x 10.5").  Photos below show our new standard size in white with the large size shown in brown.

  • Our new white frames are synthetic wood and can't be painted.

  • Keep in mind that when you come out to craft with us at a public event you are pumping your hard earned money into our local economy.  You are supporting both Gilda Jagger Studios and the Bavarian and we appreciate it!  If you book a private beach glass art party or use our in home studio we are able to offer lower pricing. 

  • We do promise you will have a wonderful time and go home with a beautiful piece!

  • Contact us anytime with questions!